TELEPHONE Consultancy hours

When ringing during consultancy hours, please have all relevant documents close to hand. Relevant documents for example, are any that contain information important to the dispute, any recent correspondence relevant to the case or the general conditions which apply to your case. If your case involves a rent or labour dispute, please bring your rental agreement or contract of employment with you.

WALK-IN Consultancy hours

When you visit us during our walk-in consultancy hours it is important to have all relevant documents with you. This will enable us to give you informed and complete advice on the spot. Relevant documents are: any agreement concerning your question (for example your lease or employment contract), all correspondence concerning the dispute (all mail etcetera between involved parties), the general conditions which apply, and all other documents which may be important to your case.

Fields of law

Although our employees are widely trained, we have specialised in the following fields of law:
Labour law , Consumer law, Rental law, Individual and Family law, Administrative law and Social Security law.
If you are unsure which area of Law your question concerns, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.